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B&B in Florence, our idea

Until a few years ago talking about B&B could provoke most strange and curious reactions, in Italy, especially in a city like Florence, where there is always a rigorous idea about hospitality and customer service, speaking of "american inventions" meant trigger in the air the typical Florentine mumbling of derision, (which is not too veiled), which followed comments like:

"God knows what you eat", or "but you have to take your own sheet?".

Genuine and sharp, but it is quite understandable, because this is a place with a strong and long tourism and art tradition.

Fortunately things have changed, new things are absorbed slowly, for long time italian point of view about tourism is closely linked to the inns, hotels, and that kind of reception that evokes hot meals and clean beds.

Now facilities adapt their offer to new demands, trying to meet customers by creating an offer that meets the public's taste.

In fact, Bed & Breakfast were placed in pretty hard business area, and they still not entirely removed the patina that distinguished them as places without any comfort, where the cheap price was their only attraction.

The main objective

Sweet Florence born from the combination of 2 words that recall taste and elegance.

We want to give people a different image from that economic and spartan idea about bed and breakfast, which do not offer any warmth and comfort.
We want to offer a clean and elegant place, something comfortable, functional, and that is affordable for all budgets.

Our formula

The most important parameter, the experience of our customers, is the measure of how good is our offer. We ask ourselves: Our request is advantageous in the multitude of last minute offers, promotions, discounts?

We think we are on the right choice.

  • We can offer a convenient location for visiting Florence, inside an area that is easy to reach and close to downtown without having the cost and hassle that involves.
  • Our rooms are furnished in a simple and functional style, the beds are large and elegant, as there are comforts needed for relax, air conditioning, lcd tv set with a media player, and wi-fi internet for work or read your email.

What's different?

An environment free from schedules, providing a set of personal keys to get into the room at any time, we wanted to break free our guests from that burden which often limits their freedom.

The same for your breakfast, which is served in our dedicated room, during the entire morning, from 7am to 12am.

We decided to apply a single rate for the whole year, in order to simplify the choice and not leave any doubts to the customer, many times we run into deals with changes even during the days of the week, which creates confusion and indecision.

Our offer is clear and without any surprises.


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