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Visit Florence, a city to explore!

It is not difficult to visit Florence, the city is quite small, but full of beautiful places to see, the historic center has plenty of attractions and sights that fascinate tourists from all over the world.

The river Arno becomes an important reference, because it separates the city into what we identify as the northern area, which includes large part of the historic center, and the area called Oltrarno, which preserves the ancient city wall and popular quarters of S.Niccolò and S.Frediano, described by Piero Bargellini as the most genuine and authentic part of Florence.

Take your time, relax and leave the frenzy of every day, and enjoy the places we have chosen for you.

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  1. Fortezza - Today it is strictly connected to exhibitions and art events that take place inside. Worth a visit the garden next to it.
  2. Accademia Gallery - The museum is pretty popular and crowded, especially from spring until the end of the season.
    Opening: from Tuesday to Sunday, 8,15am - 6,50pm
  3. Piazza S.Croce - Beautiful area with many pubs and breweries in Florence. The Florentine Soccer takes place in the month of June, in the square.
    The church is open everyday except weekends: 9,30am - 5,30pm.
  4. Piazzale Michelangelo - To go up you can move from ramps that starts from Piazza Poggi or via S.Niccolò. After your souvenir photos, go visit S.Miniato at top of the stairs.
  5. Piazza Pitti - Main attraction point is Palatina Gallery, the treasure collected by the Medici family that has contributed to the fame of Florence and the Renaissance. For those who prefer to walk, you can visit the Boboli Gardens .
    Opening: Tuesday to Sunday, 8,15am - 6,50pm, is a highly recommended book by phone: Firenze Musei, phone: 055 294883
  6. Ponte Vecchio - Worth a visit goldsmiths shops on the bridge, or if you want you can visit the Corridoio Vasariano, which crosses the bridge, hidden from indiscreet eyes, starting from Palazzo Pitti. Open by appointment, only at certain periods of the year.
  7. Piazza Signoria - The Palazzo Vecchio have a big area open for tourists. Can't miss a visit to near Uffizi Gallery, one of the most famous museums in the world.
    from Tuesday to Sunday, ore 8,15am - 6,50pm
  8. Piazza della Repubblica - This is the area for shopping and elegant cafes, lead to via Tornabuoni if you love the showcases and italian designers creations.
  9. Piazza Duomo - The dome of Brunelleschi and Giotto's bell tower are both open to the public, with the chance to go up till the top where you can enjoy a breathtaking panorama.
  10. Piazza di S.Lorenzo - Market stalls and the food covered market surrounds the Cappelle Medicee, part of Florentine Museums. It worth a visit.
    Opening: from Monday to Sunday, 8,15am - 1,50pm
  11. Piazza S.Maria Novella - Here you can visit the church and the worderful paintings made by Giotto and Masaccio, The complex is open for guided tours, and you need a reservation:
    Opera per Santa Maria Novella - phone. 055 219257
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